Google My Business Optimization – 2018 SEO The Complete Guide (EP02)

Hey! Chris Gatterson here with the Dallas Digital Marketer and I’d like to welcome YOU to episode 2 of the 2018 Complete SEO Guide 2018.


Today we’re going to cover Google my business optimization


I’m going to show you guys how to get your Google My Business set up and optimized.

Before we begin.

Here is everything you’ll need to get your Google My Business Setup:

  • Gmail Account
  • X3 Pictures of Outside Of Business
  • X3 Pictures of Inside Of Business
  • X3 Team Pictures/ Staff
  • X3 Pictures at work
  • Physical Address you have mailbox access to (You can hide it from the public)
  • Phone number (you can use call forwarding to hide it if you only have a cell phone)




What you’ll need to fill out:

Hours: Make sure these are accurate, include holiday hours for extra brownie points.

Category: Do some spying, on your competition that is. Look at who’s current ranking in your industry in your area.

Pictures: Make sure your pictures have the keywords included in the image properties fields.

Business Description: An old feature that has made its way back this year, 750 characters max. Be sure to include what makes your business special and the best solution in town!

Services: Also a relatively new feature, just as it says, list your services. Include the price if possible. While this is a service description, always be sure to remember that you’re writing for people. I always do my best to reflect that I offer a solution, not simply a service.

Phone number:  Make sure that this is a unique number only associated with a single business and location. For example, you wouldn’t want to have 3 GMB’s with the same number.

Offers: Have a promotion or discount you’d like to highlight? This is the place to do it.

Post: Great place to post a blog or piece of content. Use it to establish expertise with potential customers that might come across these post.

Opening Date: Self-explanatory


How To Set Up A Google My Business

Step 1 : Log into gmail, search for Google My Business

Step 2 : Click “SETUP NOW”

Step 3: Enter business information

Step 4: Once you’ve finished the sign-up process, finish filling out every bit of your google my business keeping the above information in mind.



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