5 Star Rating Schema Markup – 2018 SEO The Complete Guide (EP03)

hey guys Chris Gatterson, here with the Dallas digital marketer, and I want to

welcome you to episode 3 of the complete guide to everything you need to

know about SEO and 2018.

How to get 5 Star Schema Markup

Today we’re gonna cover how to get 5-star rating on your website what’s great about it it’s

not only does it set your website apart from other search results but it also

adds a little bit more trust and little  bit more credibility and it looks really cool as well.


So as you can see I have it on my website keep in mind guys you can only put the 5-star rating on product pages or service pages if you have it on any other page Google’s not gonna let it

happen or they gonna get it taken down.


Tool For Schema Markup

okay so make sure only on product pages and only on service pages things you’ll

need I prefer the the WordPress SEO structured plug-in or data schema plug-in that’s that’s my preference.


It makes everything a lot more simple all you have to do is put in the information there’s no need for coding none of that we also need least one review preferably five-star but work

with whatever you guys got and about 5 to 10 minutes it’s very very quick.


I’m gonna go through with you and show you guys exactly how to get the plug-in

if your in your WordPress management system you just go to plugins go to add

new, go to WordPress SEO and let’s see if it comes up first and here this guy it’s

gonna be the one in green right here there are a lot of different plugins you can get but like I said some are more complex.


Some don’t have exactly what you’re looking for but this one tends to have

everything that I needed so I hope you have the plug-in you go to pages go to

Like I said there’s there’s tons of different types of schema markups this

plug-in allows for article blogs news events products video service all this

How to Test 5 Star Schema Markup

Now to test and see if we implemented the schema markup properly go to

structured data testing tool it’s a product by Google so you know it’s legit

you’ll take your let’s see take this URL go to copy link and put it right here

do it run test.


So like I said I’m super quick win if you’re looking at set apart

if you have one page that has a low click through rate or it’s a product page I

highly suggest you add that to your page and see how that goes but again any type

of product pages or service pages that you can add this to it is going to

improve to click the rates and it also looks really really cool guys so that’s

my tip for you today stay.

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